Configuration Maxx Fitness WordPress Theme

Text:Logo(text widget): logo position

Setting up the logo in WordPress is pretty straightforward. Just create a Text widget in the Logo position. Now you can edit your widget and enter your markup. 

If you use our theme with the sample data, just edit the Text:Logo widget.


Fullscreen - slider (Aklare Slider widget): fullscreen position 

Fullscreen - slider settings:

Slide type 1
Slide type 2
Slide type 3
Slide type 4

Features (MaxxFitness Features widget): top-a position

Features widget settings:

MaxxFitness - About widget (text widget): top-b position

The Code of the About widget 

Statistics widget (text widget): top-c position

The code of the Statistics widget

Promo Video widget (text widget): top-c position

The Promo Video Code here

Locations (MaxxFitness Locations widget): top-d position

Locations widget settings:

Trainers (MaxxFitness Trainers widget): bottom-a position

Trainers widget settings:

Pricing (text widget): bottom-b position

The Pricing Code here

Store items (MaxxFitness Products widget): bottom-c position

Latest Workouts widget (MaxxFitness Workouts widget): bottom-d position

Latest Workouts widget settings:

Classes Artcle

Workauts Artcle




Tuesday, 04 October 2016
I've purchased the theme and installed the plugins. The slider will NOT appear. I don't understand why. Id' like to use this on the home page and add my own photos. I cannot find instructions to do so. Please advize.
Monday, 07 August 2017
A lot of the files are empty. can you please update them?
Monday, 07 August 2017
Hello, we have already updated the links.
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