Configuration Maxx Fitness Joomla Theme

Text:Logo(text widget): logo position

Setting up the logo in WordPress is pretty straightforward. Just create a Custom module in the Logo position and enter your markup.


Fullscreen - slider (Aklare Slider module): fullscreen position 



Features (Articles - Category module): top-a position


MaxxFitness - About Custom module : top-b position

Code Sample here

Statistics module (Custom module): top-c position


Code Sample here

Promo Video module (Custom module): top-c position

Code Sample here

Locations (Articles - Category module): top-d position


Trainers (Articles - Category module): bottom-a position


Pricing text (Custom module): bottom-b position

Pricing (Custom module): bottom-b position. Sample code here


Store items (Product Display for J2Store module): bottom-c position

Latest Workouts (Articles - Newsflash module): bottom-d position


 Footer MaxxFitness

About MaxxFitness sample code

Opening Hours sample code

Request a 1 Day Free Trial  is added by shortcode {aicontactsafeform pf=1} of aiContactSafe component.




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