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Edit Work section

  • Click on one of triggers to select the page on which you want to make changes


  • Click on image to select.
  • Right click on image and in context menu click on Replace image
  • Select image on your computer and click OK
  • Click on rectangle layer with name “Add link here” to changle link from image
  • Click on title to change link from title

Blogs editing

Сreate a new blog


Disabling export page

You can disable the export of pages that are not needed on your site

  1. Open project
  2. Right click on page preview
  3. Disable “Export page”

Add web font

  1. Open menu - File / Add/Remove web font
  2. Click on tab Edge web fonts
  3. Type in search field Raleway
  4. Click on font name to add Raleway font to Adobe Muse

Standart widgets

It’s me - Muse Theme based on standart Adobe Muse widgets.

If you do'not know how to edit standard widgets be sure to check tutorials section on the support website

If you do not have enough time to it, be sure to check the article “Work with composition widgets”. Composition widget is most frequently used widget in theme, which is used on each page.


Replacing images and backgrounds

You can replace images in one place(A) on one page, or replace image in all the places where this image is found(B).

A: Replace one image on page

  • Select image or rectangle with background
  • Right click on image or rectangle
  • In opened context menu click “Replace Image” for images, or “Replace Background” for backgrounds
  • Select new image and click OK

Edit “Hire me” form

  • Open one of Home page layouts(“Robert” for example)
  • Select “Hire me” button and click on blue circle with white triangle, right of the button.
  • In opened Composition Options check “Show lightbox parts while editing”



Edit menu

  • Open one of Master Layouts(“Robert” for example)
  • In layers panel chose Header/Composition and click on blue circle with white arrow



WOW.js animation

  • Chose animation on and copy animation effect name (fadeInUp for example)
  • Create new Graphic Style(fadeInUp for example)
  • Open one of Master Layouts(“Robert” for example)

MailChimp Integration

An easy way to integrate a form on your site using the MailChimp service.

1. Create an account and sing in

2. Go to List->Create List.CreateList

3. In your new List create General Form with one field ”Email”

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