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Translation Maxx Fitness Theme

To translate "View" in Maxx Fitness Features widget, go to plugins/maxx-fitness-features/maxx-fitness-features.php in line 146,148 

To translate "View Location" in Maxx Fitness Location widget, go to plugins/maxx-fitness-locations/maxx-fitness-locations.php in line 148 

To translate "Read more..." in Category Blog , go to themes/maxx-fitness/mf-blog.php in line 37 


Price 3 columns

Here is code example of 3 columns price:


Сonnect your Ecwid store

MaxFitness theme includes the ability to create and manage your Ecwid store. Ecwid is a revolutionary shopping cart that seamlessly integrates with your existing website. It can also be added to your page on social media networks, such as Facebook or Tumblr.

Although it’s packed with high-value features, Ecwid is absolutely FREE! You’ll pay no setup charges and no transaction fees, making it a no-cost, high-return solution for today’s e-commerce businesses.


Add store to any page

If you want show some categories from your eqwid store on different Wordpress pages, you can do this with an additional function in posts Add Store.

Here is how you can do that:

  • Create a separate Wordpress page for each category (WP admin backend -> Pages).
  • Click "Add store" button.
  • In the popup specify the widgets you want to show on the page

Sidebar widgets

On Appearance -> Widgets page you can activate the built-in sidebar widgets provided by the plugin:

  • Minicart widget allows you to place a shopping bag icon into your sidebar
  • Search widget allows you to create a search box in the sidebar and let your customers look for the products they want on every page of the site

search store


Social links

MaxxFitness theme provides easy management of social icons.

The list of icons is located at the bottom of the page

Social icons



Theme+Demo Installation

Setting up a Warp theme follows the standard WordPress installation procedure and works like with any other theme. In order to download the current version, please visit Please check WordPress Codex for information on how to install WordPress on your server.

Once WordPress is successfully installed, you will have to upload the theme to your WordPress directory. Download and un-zip the Maxx-Fitness-package folder. You will find 4 folders and one of them 01_Theme. There are two zipped theme folders and If you want to use a child theme, will have to install two themes.

Open your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance > Themes. Click the Add New Theme button, then Upload Theme and select the file. Click Install Now.

Installing recommended plugins

Once activated Maxx-Fitness will be display a notification to install and activation the required plugins.

Install plugin

After the installation and activation the required plugins, you can install the Demo

Setup a demo package

If you are new to wordpress or have problems creating posts or pages that look like the Theme Demo you can import dummy posts and pages here that will definitely help to understand how those tasks are done.

Before you begin, make sure all the required plugins are activated.



MaxxFitness Features

To display a certain number of posts of the some category, use MaxxFitness Features widget. 

To use this widget go to Appearance->Widgets->MaxxFitness Features



MaxxFitness Locations

A nice way to display a certain number of posts of the some category, use MaxxFitness Locations widget. 

To use this widget go to Appearance->Widgets.



Aklare Slider

Flexible settings slider allows you to implement any ideas.

To use this widget go to Appearance->Widgets->Aklare Slider (in Demo it is in fullscreen position)

To assign a widget on certain pages read here

Main slider



MaxxFitness Trainers

A nice way to display a certain number of posts of the some category, such as the trainers

To use this widget go to Appearance->Widgets->MaxxFitness Trainers



MaxxFitness Products

To display a certain number of store items, use MaxxFitness Products widget.

To use this widget go to Appearance->Widgets.


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