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Child theme

Unless you are absolutely sure that you will never ever need to modify any of the theme files you should install and activate a child theme for Gear.

For your convenience Gear comes with a ready to use child theme. You’ll find the “Gear child” in Appearance->Theme if you have already installed it or install file. Its files structure is as in the image below.

Child theme file1

If you want to modify the theme css, you’ll have to edit the style.css file. 


Homepage Components

Gear is a widgets ready theme. Each page can includes system output(page content, posts) and widgets that are located in different positions. By default, the system output is disabled for the homepage, but you can enabled it via Gear>Layout>Content

Sysstem output

The Homepage consists of widgets that are in different positions. You can manage the widgets in Appearance->Widgets. Assign widgets to specific pages with Gear->Widgets.

Logo can be set in two ways:

  • in the theme settings - Gear>Settings->Logo
  • in the widget of Logo position. Sample code here

 Home slider


Theme+Demo Installation

Setting up a Warp theme follows the standard WordPress installation procedure and works like with any other theme. In order to download the current version, please visit Please check WordPress Codex for information on how to install WordPress on your server.

Once WordPress is successfully installed, you will have to upload the theme to your WordPress directory. Download and un-zip the Gear-package folder. You will find 4 folders and one of them 01_Theme. There are two zipped theme folders and If you want to use a child theme, will have to install two themes.

Open your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance > Themes. Click the Add New Theme button, then Upload Theme and select the file. Click Install Now.

Installing recommended plugins

Once activated Gear will be display a notification to install and activation the required plugins.

Install plugin

After the installation and activation the required plugins, you can install the Demo

Setup a demo package

If you are new to wordpress or have problems creating posts or pages that look like the Theme Demo you can import dummy posts and pages here that will definitely help to understand how those tasks are done.

Before you begin, make sure all the required plugins are activated.




Since our themes are built on Warp framework, it gives you the flexibility to configure and easy to use. Once you have installed the theme and all the required plugins, a new item of your dashboard with advanced theme settings will be available. The new item is named as well as the theme named. 

Now you can navigate to the new item and can see all the theme settings in the different tabs.

Please note: some options in your template settings can be different from those described below.

WARP settings

Let's begin with "Settings" tab. The general theme section allows you to control the behaviour and the overall appearance of your theme.

To configure this part, go to WARP(theme name)->Settings.


The style section contains the customizer.

ClickSetting button to create your own style for the whole site or individual pages. You can pick colors, modify sizes and much more with a real time theme preview. Choose the style to be loaded in the layout options.

For further information, please take a look at our Customizer tutorial.

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