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Homepage Components

Busis is a widgets focused theme. Each page can includes a system output(page content, posts) and widgets that are located in different positions.

You can hide the system output. This is useful, if you want to position only widgets on certain pages, without leaving redundant space. For example look at the components of the homepage below.

All widgets and positions are in Appearance->Widgets, here you can add/delete, edit, or move them. 


Home page Slider

The Main Slider is made by the "ANG Mega Slideshow:Big slideshow" widget placed in top-a position. The settings of this widget allow you to select a specific post type to display.

Slider widget



How to add the breadcrumbs with background

Add a new page with breadcrumbs

  1. Create a new page
  2. Assign "Breadcrumbs Busis" widget on the created page via Busis>Widgets Breadcr assign
  3. Go to and create the folder, name it as the page url on which the breadcrumbs are posted. Example: for the page http://sitename/about/ need to create the about folder.
  4. Upload your image for background with name breadcrumbs.jpg to 


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