I've recently purchased the Sport.AK template for our local soccer club. I am currently working to refine some of the content and have been unable to resolve a few issues related to News items: 1) The News category URLs contain extra Cobalt-related information which I'd like to remove. How can I configure Joomla/Cobalt to provide a cleaner presentation. For example, Current News Category URL --> http://laniersharks.com/news/category-items/4-news/3-club-news Desired News Category URL --> http://laniersharks.com/news/club-news 2) Similarly, each News article contains extra Cobalt informaion. How can I remove such information: Current News Article URL --> http://laniersharks.com/news/item/3-club-news/24-registration-for-the-upcoming-season Desired News Article URL --> http://laniersharks.com/news/club-news/registration-for-the-upcoming-season 3) At the bottom of each news article, there's a set of Social buttons (facebook, twitter, G+). I'd like to change the G+ button to Instagram. Where in the template can these buttons be modified? Thank you, Dave

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