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Boss is a widgets focused theme. Each page can includes a system output(page content, posts) and widgets that are located in different positions.

The following are the Homepage components. It consists of widgets that are in different positions. Manage widgets you can in Appearance->Widgets. Assign widgets to specific pages with Boss->Widgets.


The sample code of post for the slider here


To modify the We are the best block, need to edit the "Text:We are the best" widget in the top-b position. Sample code here

We are best


To modify the About us block, need to adjust the "TT Tabs widget: About us" widget in the top-c position.

About us


To modify the Latest works block, need to adjust the "TT Latest Works widgets" widget in the top-d position. 

Latest works


To modify the Skills block, need to adjust the "TT Skills widget: Skills" widget in the top-e position.



To modify the Team block, need to adjust the "TT Team widget: Team" in the top-f position.

Inc Team


To modify the Prices block, need to adjust the "TT Repeater fields widget: Prices" in the top-i position.



To modify the How we work block, need to edit the "Text:: How we work" widget in the bottom-a position. Sample code here

How we work


To modify the Video block, need to adjust the "TT Video widget: Video" in the bottom-b position.



To modify the Testimonials block, need to adjust the "TT Testimonials widget: Testimonials" in the bottom-c position.



To modify the Partners block, need to adjust the "TT media slider widget: Partners" in the bottom-d position.



To modify the Blog block, need to adjust the "TT Blog widget: Blog" in the bottom-e position.

Presentation blog


Sample code of "Start now" code here

Start now




Code copyright here

This scheme will help you to create and edit pages and adjust them to fit your requirements. Also read widgets setting.




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