Add/Edit Gallery and Gallery categories

To create the records of Gallery type are used the "Cobalt 8" component .

It allows you to quickly and easily edit and add materials on your site.

  • First, you need to log in as adminby going on this way https://sitename/admin


  • Go to Gallery page
  • There is a button "Post Gallery Album here" at the top of the page, press it to add a new gallery.


  • To edit, press Edit on the picture.


    You can also edit articles with admin panel(https://sitename/administrator), go to Components->Cobalt 8->Records.

How to change gallery categories

Gallery has a filter, which is the gallery categories (Football, Hockey,Basketball...)

To change it or add own category, go to Components->Cobalt8->Sections->Gallery(Categories)

Gallery categories

Gallery categories edit




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