Aklare Slider

Flexible settings slider allows you to implement any ideas.

To use this module go to Extensions->Modules.



Aklare Slider

Setting Description

Slider height

Defines the slideshow height.

Show navigation

Shows or hides the navigation on the slider

Show next and previous

Shows or hides next and previous arrows.


Defines the preferred transition between items.


Defines the transition duration.


Defines whether or not the slideshow items should switch automatically.

Autoplay Interval

Defines the timespan between switching slideshow items.

Video autoplay:

Defines whether or not a video starts automatically.

Video mute:

Defines whether or not a video is muted.


Defines whether or not the Ken Burns effect is active. If kenburns is a numeric value, it will be used as the animation duration.

Aklare SliderOptions

Setting Description


Specify the quantity of items to display in the slider.


Add a category of Articles

Aklare slider uses articles of Main slider category. To change the slide's text and images, edit the article of a specified category.

Note: While editing the slide, leave the existing HTML code and just replace the path of pictures and text. This will keep the display of the slider such as in the demo version. 

Sample Code:



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