ANG Property Slideshow


 ANG Property Slidshow

ANG Property Slideshow Widget




Enter a name for the widget.


Allows you to add a description for slider.

Listing type, hold CTRL to select multiple:

Select the type of listing from the list. Hold CTRL to select multiple


Select listing status to display on the slideshow

Number of items:

Specify the quantity of items to display in the slide.

Words per each post:

Specify the quantity of words per each slider.

- Only Show Featured or Sticky
- Hide the post title
- Hide the post excerpt
- Hide the post link
- Hide the property price
-Hide the property address

Slider additional settings.

Slideshow height:

Defines the slideshow height.

Order type format :

Select the type format of sorting from the list.

Posts order type:

Select the type of sorting: ASC or DESC

Show next and previous buttons:

Shows or hides next and previous arrows.

Show dot navigation:

Shows or hides a navigation.

Navigation type:

Defines the transition duration


Defines the preferred transition between items

Duration of animation:

Defines the transition duration


Defines whether or not the slideshow items should switch automatically.

Autoplay Interval:

Defines the timespan between switching slideshow items.


Defines whether or not the Ken Burns effect is active. If kenburns is a numeric value, it will be used as the animation duration.

Pause on Hover:

enable/disable pause on hover at slideshow


Allows to display widget anywhere on the page. Copy this code. Then, open the edit menu of the page into which you wish to place the widget. Paste the code you copied into the contents of the page.

Widget logic:

Allows to control the pages that the widget will appear on. More about this feature in



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