Users List with filter

You have the possibility to display users in convenient list with filter.

To produce a result with the default settings, use [authors_view].

Example of use with some parameters:

[authors_view role=property_agent orderby=display_name order=DESC]

Result below:

user list

If you want to use it in the sidebar, then write

[authors_view role=property_agent view_type=sidebar orderby=display_name number=4 ]

Result below:

agents slidebar

The parameters that can be passed to shortcode:

  • role
    It defines the roles of the users who need to get in result. Exemple: role=property_agent.

  • include
    To show specific users, you can list them id. Will be obtained only specified users, regardless of the other options that do not conform to this parameter. The id should be separated by a comma followed by a space. Exemple: include=4, 11, 9.

  • exclude
    To exclude some users, you can list them id. The id should be separated by a comma followed by a space. Exemple: exclude=4, 11, 9.

  • orderby
    Define order type format. Valid values: nicename, email, url, registered, display_name, post_count Exemple: orderby=nicename

  • order
    Define order type. Valid values:ASC, DESC Exemple: order=DESC

  • offset
    Offset from the beginning of the resulting list. Exemple: offset=4

  • number
    Determines the number of users to be displayed on the site. Exemple: number=6

  • view_type
    Specify the type of display. Valid values: filter(by default), sidebar. To filter is taken data from the field "position" of the user's contact data Exemple: view_type=sidebar



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