General Settings of Easy Property Listing

Multiple listing types are supported because not everyone is a residential properties specialist. You can list rentals, commercial, land, rural and businesses just as easily.

So once you've activated Easy Property Listings the first thing you want to do is jump over to the general settings page in WordPress by visiting Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Settings 




Listing Types to Enable

Here is where you can activate the listing types you want to feature on your website.

  • Property (Residential For Sale)

  • Rental (Listings that are for rent)

  • Land (Land property for sale)

  • Rural (Farms, larger rural property for sale)

  • Commercial (Commercial property for sale and/or for lease)

  • Commercial Land (Commercial Land for sale)

  • Business (Business for sale)

Location Taxonomy

Allows to rename taxonomy of location. The changes you can see when editing or adding post one of the listing types.





Suburb/Town/City Label

Allows you to rename one field from the area Property Address. The changes you can see when editing or adding post one of the listing types.

Address sudurd

Additional Address Field,

Additional Address Field Label

Define Enable/Disable additional field “Municipality/Town/City/Region”. If you select Enable, then you can to rename added field in line “Additional Address Field Label”

State/Province/Region Label, Postcode/ZIP Label

Allows you to rename fields for filling from the area Property Address.

Display Country

Define show or hide Country with listing address.




Keep Listings flagged "New" for

Defines how many days Listings will have a "NEW" Sticker

New/Just Listed Label, Home Open Label, No Price Label, Under Offer Label, Sold Label, Leased Label

Allows you to rename Labels for listing.

Rental Bond/Deposit Display

Define show or hide Bond/Deposit on rental listings. If you select Enable, than you can to rename added field in line “Rental Bond/Deposit Label”.

Listing Single View

These settings are not used in this theme, the images in a single view of listing  are displays in the slider by default.

Listing Archive View



Excerpt words

Specify the number of words to be displayed when viewing the archive listing pages. This is ignored when using manual excerpts.

Listing view type

Define, what type of listing view will be set by default.

Fancy pagination

Define type of pagination.

Search Widget

In this section you can rename the tab labels of the EPL -Search Widget.


Choose the currency and  configure it display.



Tuesday, 07 February 2017
When we create listing (Listing Features > House Features) Is there a way to change labels that says Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Rooms, Ensuit, Toilets etc.
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