TT Post Slider Carousel

Cute Post Slider Carousel displays the positions of the original way. Simply and quickly you will get an unusual slider.

To use this widget go to Appearance->Widgets.


TT Post Slider Carousel front

TT post slider carousel

Setting Description


Enter a name for the widget.

Posts Count:

Specify the quantity of posts to display on one page slider.

Top text:

Type the text or html to display any information on the slider.

Select Category:

Select a category of posts in the category list to display in the slider. If a category does not have any post, it will not appear in the list.


Allows to display widget anywhere on the page. Copy this code. Then, open the edit menu of the page into which you wish to place the widget. Paste the code you copied into the contents of the page.

Widget logic:

Allows to control the pages that the widget will appear on. More about this feature in



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