Translation Maxx Fitness Theme

To translate "View" in Maxx Fitness Features widget, go to plugins/maxx-fitness-features/maxx-fitness-features.php in line 146,148 

To translate "View Location" in Maxx Fitness Location widget, go to plugins/maxx-fitness-locations/maxx-fitness-locations.php in line 148 

To translate "Read more..." in Category Blog , go to themes/maxx-fitness/mf-blog.php in line 37 

To translate Schedule, go to plugins/maxx-fitness-schedule/maxx-fitness-schedule.php in lines 142-157 

To translate "Read more..." in Classes Blog , go to themes/maxx-fitness/mf-classes-blog.php in line 38 

To translate "Read more..." in Workouts , go to themes/maxx-fitness/mf-workouts-blog.php in line 34 

To translate "Read more..." in Trainers, go to themes/maxx-fitness/mf-trainers-blog.php in line 31 



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