This section makes the arrangement of your content very easy and flexible. You can enable or disable system output, define the layout of the theme's widget or module positions and select a style you created in the customizer. Additionally you have the possibility to store your modifications in a layout profile and assign it to different pages.

To configure this part go to Extensions->Template->refraction->Options->Layouts

Сlick Add in Layouts page and enter a new name to create the layout.

“Style” option enables you to assign a style to your layout. In addition with the customizer and the layout manager this makes styling your pages very flexible.

 new layout


Sistem content

This option allows you to hide the main system output. This is useful, if you want to position only modules on certain pages, without leaving redundant space.

Menu Setting

Sticky menu

Allows set fixed menu when scrolling page.


The sidebar settings allow you to create a fully functional multi-column layout. The only requirement is to publish a widget on a sidebar position to display the selected alignment


Setting Description


Choose from the provided percent values to set the sidebar width.


Define, whether the sidebar is published on the left or right side of the content


This table gives you an overview of the grid layout settings.


Setting Description


Define, whether the widgets are positioned parallel, stacked, first doubled, last doubled


Define, on which devices the widgets take up full width and stack vertically.

Divider Add a vertical divider between parallel or first doubled widgets/modules to separate them from each other
Fill Width

Allows to install all the elements of the position of the full width of the screen


Define the presence of paddings between the modules. Off - modules with padding, on - modules without padding.


Select one of the default background images for the positions/p>

Custom Class

Allows to add your class to write a custom styles

Additional component




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