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Change the loading text


If you want to change the loading text, follow this way:


WP Post Template Plugin

This theme has several templates of posts. With the plugin “WP Post Template” installed additional field on the post creation page, where you can select one of the created templates for the your post.

wp post template field



Gem is a clear, easy to customize template on Warp 7 Framework with many features. This template suitable for selling all things such as: fashion, furniture, mobiles and tablets, cosmetic, accessories.

The modern design is perfect to create a website for your business. It has a very flexible configuration and allows to implement any ideas. Many display options of the post and products, animated blocks.

Setting up a Warp theme follows the standard WordPress installation procedure and works like with any other theme.

  1. Download WordPress from the WordPress website.
  2. Setup a new WordPress install.
  3. Install and activate your theme.

For more information, take a look at the official WordPress documentation.


Slider Settings

“Slider” position is special sidebar for Media slider. Just add one of the available widgets for sliders or any of other widgets. The Demo main slider is made via  “TT WordPress Slider” widget in Slider position.

It included the posts of “Front page slides” category. This means, to edit the information in the slider, need to edit the posts in this category. Also, you can create your own category of posts and select to display in the slider.


Setup the logo

Setting up the logo in WordPress is pretty straightforward. Just create a Text widget in the Logo position. Now you can edit your widget and enter your markup.

For example use following code:

<img src="wp-content/uploads/logo.png"width="200"height="50"alt="logo"/>

add logo1


Main Navigation

Main navigation area includes “logo-toolbar”, “search”, “menu” positions.

logo toolbar search menu


If require to insert the logo in the navigation area, then use the position “logo-toolbar”.


Header setting

To edit and add information to the header of the site uses the positions “adress”,"logo","Login".

header setting



Widget positions

The Gem Theme comes with a broad range of layout options.

Widget Layouts

The blue widget positions allow to choose a widget layout which defines the widget alignment and proportions: parallel, stacked, first doubled, last doubled and center doubled. You can easily add your own widget layouts.

Sidebar Layouts

The two available sidebars, highlighted in red, can be switched to the left or right side and their widths can easily be set in the theme administration.

scheme layouts3


Sidebar Login Widget

Sidebar Login Widget is allow you to have a login form in the sidebar of your site.

login header result


TT Woocommerce categories

With TT Woocommerce categories  you can in an original way to present your product categories.

To use this widget go to Appearance->Widgets.

shop categories looks


TT Post Slider Carousel

Cute Post Slider Carousel displays the positions of the original way. Simply and quickly you will get an unusual slider.

To use this widget go to Appearance->Widgets.


TT Post Slider Carousel front


TT media slider

The desire to show any media files in slider to be satisfied with TT media slider. You can upload files from your computer and from the media library.

To use this widget go to Appearance->Widgets.

TT madia slider front

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