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Homepage Components

CuteChurch is a widgets focused theme. Each page can includes a system output(page content, posts) and widgets that are located in different positions. The following are the Homepage components. It consists of widgets that are in different positions. Manage widgets in Appearance->Widgets. Assign widgets to specific pages with CuteChurch->Widgets.

 Home widjets positions1


Cute Church Slider

The flexible slider settings allow you to implement any ideas.

To use this widget go to Appearance->Widgets.





The general theme section allows you to control the behaviour and the overall appearance of your theme.

To configure this part go to cutechurch>->Settings.


The style section contains the customizer.

ClickSetting button to create your own style for the whole site or individual pages. You can pick colors, modify sizes and much more with a real time theme preview. Choose the style to be loaded in the layout options.

Сlick Copy and enter a new name to duplicate the style. Then you choose your new style from the list and can make adjustments.




This section makes the arrangement of your content very easy and flexible. You can enable or disable system output, define the layout of the theme's widget or module positions and select a style you created in the customizer. Additionally you have the possibility to store your modifications in a layout profile and assign it to different pages.

To configure this part go to cutechurch->Layouts.

Сlick Add in Layouts page and enter a new name to create the layout.

“Style” option enables you to assign a style to your layout. In addition with the customizer and the layout manager this makes styling your pages very flexible.




Widgets can be displayed in different styles with additional icons and badges. Widgets are grouped according to the positions in which they are published. Additionally, you can filter them by keyword and positions to which they are assigned.

To configure this part go to cutechurch->Widgets.

widgets search



Make your website more alive with animated widgets. Widjets can be filtered by keyword and positions to which they are assigned.

To configure this part go to cutechurch->Widgets.




Manage and organize your menus with additional settings. Menu items can be filtered by the position to which they are assigned.

To configure this part go to cutechurch->Menus.



Support Chat

We provide a unique opportunity to users of our theme quickly contact with us without leaving your site. Here you can quickly get answers to your questions.



Configuration CuteChurch WordPress Theme

Configuration of Cute Church WordPress Theme


Logotype settings.


There is 3 ways to create your logotype.

  1. put new image logo.png to directory /wp-content/uploads/
  2. Insert your logo image file to “Logo widget (text widget)” position.



and delete or hide logo styles at /wp-content/themes/CuteChurch/less/cutechurch.less


  1. Delete any widget’s at “Logo widget (text widget)” position, delete or hide logo styles at /wp-content/themes/CuteChurch/less/cutechurch.less. In that case you will have a default logotype that is created as theme default setting.

CuteChurch Setup the menus

To tell your theme what should be rendered as your main navigation, we need to setup a menu in Wordpress and assign it as our main navigation.

First of all, you need to create a new menu and add your menu items. For detailed instructions, see the WordPress documentation. In this example we add all existing pages by default and remove one that we do not want.


CuteChurch widget positions

When you have existing content in your Wordpress installation, activating your theme will most likely make your site look a little weird. The reason for that are Widgets that are assigned to default positions that don't fit with the theme. We can improve that by assigning them to better positions available in our theme.

Navigate to Appearance » Widgets. As a first step, you might want to drag most widgets to the Disabled Widgets position. In our example, those widgets are located in the Search position. We'll remove all widgets here except for the actual Search widget.


CuteChurch One-Click Demo Install

If you are new to wordpress or have problems creating posts or pages that look like the Theme Demo you can import dummy posts and pages here that will definitely help to understand how those tasks are done.

Importing demo data (post, pages, images, theme settings, ...) is the easiest way to setup your theme. It will allow you to quickly edit everything instead of creating content from scratch. When you import the data following things will happen:

  • All existing posts, pages, categories, images, custom post types or any other data may be deleted or modified.
  • Some WordPress settings will be modified.
  • Posts, pages, some images, some widgets and menus will get imported.
  • Images will be downloaded from our server, these images are copyrighted and are for demo use only .
  • Please click import only once and wait, it can take a couple of minutes

Before you begin, make sure all the required plugins are activated.

Go to cutechurch->Setting->Demo data

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